Tuesday, March 26, 2019


〜 An adventure to see the Ojika sunrise 〜

I arrived on Ojika Island excited and ready for two months of what I hoped would be some of the best moments of my 6-month trip across Japan. Instantly welcomed in by Taiyo (who runs Shimayado Goen Inn) and a great gang of other volunteers, I was buzzing to begin my life as an islander in this picturesque little paradise. 
That evening at Karaoke (of course), I found out that we were expected to start work at 7.45, which was a slight shock to the system as I had gotten into a very lazy routine of sleeping late and waking up even later. But the next day I got up, drank a few strong cups of coffee and managed the first full day at work- cleaning rooms, washing up, and doing a lot (a lot!!) of hoovering*. The work was fun and not too strenuous, but I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day; not used to waking up early, my body was knackered and a bit confused about what was going on. 

*Hoovering is British English for vacuuming. アメリカ人が使うvacuumingという言葉はイギリス英語でhooveringですー(勉強になりましたね^.^)


Suddenly, I hear from the other volunteers that they are planning to wake up around 5.30 the following morning to see the sunrise. It only being my second proper day on the island, I was pretty hesitant; but as we were all staying in the same room, I was very likely to be woken up as they left, AND I knew deep down that I should really make the effort to witness something so beautiful.... So I said I would join the gang on their adventure. 


Somehow the four of us all managed to get up, and we began our walk to Kuroshima (where we would get the best view according to the locals). At first, we thought the clouds might be a little too low to see anything (can you imagine!!), but we soon realised that we had just arrived a little early. The sky was already a beautiful array of pastel colours, and so for a while we just enjoyed the scenery... eagerly awaiting what was going to come next.

なんとかして5時半に起きて、地元の人がオススメした黒島 に歩き始めた。着いた時、低く垂れ込めた雲が多すぎて何も見えないかもと思ったーそれだったらやばいね!!でも、たぶんもうすぐ見えると思って、日の出前のきれいなピンクと青い空をゆっくり見た。

Also, it was time for a little snack break... Bring out the chocopie!!!! 


Very happy bunnies 〜  食べる時は幸せね
Choco-pie, Choco-pie, We Love Choco-pie!

Snacks finished, we waited some more...


Then slowly and suddenly, a beautiful red light began to emerge, perfectly over the peak of an island mountaintop. 


The entire sky changed colour, and......


Sugoooooiiiiii------ The sun rose up from behind the mountain and spread its orangey-pink glow across the morning sky. It was easy to see why Japan was called The Land of the Rising Sun, it was just gorgeous.


After gazing in awe for a while (and taking a lot of pictures) we decided to head back home, very proud of ourselves for making the effort, and still beaming from the beauty we had just seen. 


Yayy we did it!! (Can you tell I was tired though???)
It was a really lovely start to our day, and I hated to admit that missing those two extra hours of sleep was so worth it. Just look at the smile on Kenichi's face????


If you're ever in Ojika, you really should make the effort to see the sunrise, you won't regret it! 


GO TEAM! <3 


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