Saturday, April 6, 2019


A Trip To Kakinohama Beach! 

Ojika is an island overwhelmingly full of beauty- gorgeous flowers, hidden hiking trails and impressive views of other islands far across the sea. But I would have to argue that my absolute favourite spots of beauty are Ojika's selection of picturesque beaches. Kakinohama is one such beach and on a particularly sunny Thursday afternoon we decided to take a group trip and show our new arrival Azusa just how gorgeous it is! Also, our mother hen Alice was leaving the island very soon and was desperate to get a swim in the sea before she left (even if it was still quite breezy). The weather forecast said the day would reach a high of 18 degrees and so after work we grabbed our bikes and headed out... 


Having somehow made it to the beach in one piece (I am not very good on a bike and had a few near-death experiences) we took a quick group picture- ofc- doing our yoga poses by the sea in tribute to our lovely yoga teacher Alice.


as you can see, we are yoga experts... 上手だね〜笑

Although the day felt warm, the thought of swimming in the sea was still a bit daunting (it was only the 3rd of April after all) so without further procrastination, we all stripped off and ran in!


It was really really cold! But it was very refreshing and once we started to swim properly our bodies adjusted to the temperature.


Alice-sensei finally got her swim in the sea! やっとアリスさんが海泳ぎできた!

All five of us got in and managed to have a proper swim; it was lovely, even though at one point we thought we might be getting stung by tiny baby jellyfish. 


'Are these jellyfish going to kill us?' 「 猛毒くらげかな〜」
This is the Alice pose. We love the Alice pose almost as much as we love Alice. アリスの一番好きなポーズだ!<3 

So after proving something to ourselves having swum in the sea, we got out and hit the sand for some sunbathing, reading our books and just chilling out. 


Oh yeah, and people did some yoga on the sand too... 砂の上でヨーガもやった。。

Overall it was a bloomin' gorgeous day, full of sun and happy times... We all left with a very big smile on our faces! 一緒に日光浴をしたり楽しんだりした最高の日だった。

Big smile 1 新しいボランティアのアズサさんが嬉しいね!

Big smile 2 で、もちろん賢一さんもハッピーだった!

Make sure if you're in Ojika that you visit this beautiful beach!! I mean, why wouldn't you?? Just look at it!!!


ーAbbie / アビー

How to get to Kakinohama beach from our INN Goen by 2017 in summer.  


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