Thursday, May 16, 2019

Meet the Ojika Family- Of Cats!

'You can't sit with us'
First and foremost a big shoutout to Alice who was originally wanting to write this blogpost.. sadly she had to leave us here to continue her real life studying in Tokyo and so I am taking the reigns on this project. 

SO- by now you have probably read through a couple of articles about Ojika or heard some great stories from another past workaway or traveller. "Honestly the beaches are one of a kind, the food is amazing, it's always gorgeous weather and the people are so wonderful and kind" etc. etc. Yes, this is all true. 

BUT, what you don't hear about as often, (a travesty in my opinion), is about the massive family of cats who live here and are just desperate for your love and attention; they honestly let you cuddle and harass them all day long without complaint! 
As a cat-lover who is still desperately trying to prove that cats are far superior to dogs (don't be mad), I'm gonna inundate you with cute pictures of all the gang, and give u a lil' introduction to their individual personalities. 


Mama-cat was nicknamed such as she was very very heavily pregnant when I first arrived on the island. She has now given birth to five (!!) very gorgeous little kittens... Here's some photos of her with them the day they were born!

How cute are they!!?


Now that you've seen Mama and her little babies, it's important to introduce the father of the kittens- aptly named Papa-cat! At first, we weren't sure if we liked Papa cat, as he was always sniffing around with other lady-cats (if you know what I mean) and never really wanted to hang out with us. Luckily, once Mama was entering the latest stages of her pregnancy he became much more affectionate, to Mama herself, and also to us. Now he's always the first one to come running over and meow happily at us, he will even shake his leg like a dog when you tickle his belly.
Here's a pic of him as a baby posing by some Sakura-  how ADORABLE!??!!

Bless him, as you may be able to tell from his name, this little fella is constantly fighting a cold and has been known to sneeze on people when they're least expecting it (mostly me for some reason). Though this may sound kind of revolting, he is so adorable that you can't help but love him, as well as feeling slightly sorry for him! He gives the best cuddles, and in the 95% of the time he isn't sneezing, you will just love hanging out with this adorable poorly cat!

why won't anybody sit with me :( *achooo*

Favourite boy is named as such because he is such a cuddly and happy little thing that nine times out of ten he is the favourite cat for people to play with. Completely uncaring about being snooty or salty, he will let you snuggle him every hour of the day if you want to. He also loves to be pulled around in all sorts of positions, you can hold him upside down and he will still smile and purr.. He's the best!!!
if you're happy and you know it raise your hands

best budz

Just hangin'

I also feel the need to mention that Favourite Boy and Sick Boy have the loveliest bromance, and are often found having a spoon outside on the lawn.. it's really cute!


MIKE (pronounced mi-keh)
Here with mama-cat 
Mike-chan is actually her real name, not one of our nickames, and she wears it proudly on her lil' collar. She's probably the most energetic of the cats, and the most adventurous- we often see her running off somewhere and she rarely keeps still. She's also always the hungriest and will sprint ridiculously fast if she sees food approaching. Her and Mama-cat are best friends and Mike is very protective of Mama and her babies.



Ringo-chan is the neediest of all the cats. Though she rarely appears outside Goen, she is always waiting at the door to Karaoke, meowing furiously, just desperate for a stroke. Missing the tip of her nose and with the cat version of a cleft lip, she looks like she is the kind of cat always in a fight- however, she is the sweetest and most friendly little bean. Ringo has been known to follow the workawayers all the way back to their house, then sit and meow at them, a bit unsure what to do with herself. She has also recently become a mother, but has hidden her kittens from us all! What a shame- we want to see little Ringo-chan babies!!

though she has a resting bitch face, she loves everyone a lot!


Peach is the cat of Ume-san, Goen's chef, who spoils him to death! The only cat on this list who is actually kept in the house, peach is a cheeky little monkey who often pops by Goen when he wants to socialize with the rest of the gang. The bromance that Ume and Peach share is out of this world, and every Sunday when Ume makes his famous burgers, Peach always stops by to give him a cuddle and support. They are too cute!

There are many many more cats and kittens that roam the Goen area and Ojika island in general, but if I were to write about all of them it would take me a year! If you want to enjoy the lovely company of these beautiful little cats then you better get over here to meet them yourself!! Just look how much fun you could be having.... 

-Abbie / アビー

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