Saturday, July 27, 2019

タンタンというのカフェ Café Tantan

Tantan: The cutest café in probably whole Japan


On a rainy day (o how I miss those chilly days - for a long week already every day is almost unbearable hot and even worse humid) one of my fellow workawayers proposed to check out Tantan. “Tantan?” ”Yes the one cafe on this island”
So Tantan it was then. Through the laking of umbrellas we had to pair up and started our short procession.


I am in general not such a big fan of cafes, coffee shops or the like (I do not like coffee to start with) but this place fully convinced me. Entering a narrow side street and passing a jingling entrance door(a cute door neighboring cute flower pots) we entered a sacred place. 
My company dashed at a shelf of colorful accessories, presents and decoration, occasionally letting out a scream of adoration. Even though I found the usefulness of a little picture holder in the form of a smiling bread(yes exactly as I described) slightly questionable, the smart shop owners were able to excite me for their very tasty, cheap cookies made off old cake. 


After a good while of Julia, Tarryn and Jasmine wondering at the goods of cuteness, did we proceed to the question of what to drink. 
The matcha frappe had been recommended to us(with the hint to ask for the free extra whipped cream topping). So after a short while of sitting at a very cute table on cute chairs and cute benches a masterwork of green and white fluff arrived. 

I can say, that the pudding and muffins are also worth a try. Very fluffy

Before we came to Tantan the first time, we had already benefited from their work, when we celebrated Titis birthday. Taiyo was so nice to not only allow us to have a party in the Karaoke, but also bought a delicious (very fluffy) cake! As I heard Koldo also had received a Tantan birthday cake, so I would definitely recommend to plan when to arrive here wisely.

Back to us sitting at a cute table in Tantan.
When the frappe had magically disappeared we set off, not before Taryn had to buy very very VERY cute cookies. Her acting like a good older sister shared them with us. I even prefer those cookies over the frappe, that was a bit too sweet for my taste. And also because: look at those details! The very hungry caterpillar has a proper amount of legs and hairs.


The very tasty caterpillar 

We slowly made our way back enjoying the fresh air after the rain, resting a bit more(reading or painting) before starting the dinner service.

How many seas streets must a white dove sail?

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